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Geography Syllabi

Form 1 Handbook for the Teaching of GeographyCurriculum Units
Form 2 Handbook Curriculum Units
Form 3 Secondary Schools
Form 4 Junior Lyceums Secondary Schools
Form 5 Junior Lyceums Secondary Schools

The Geography department wishes to inform all teachers of Geography that the new Form 1 and 2 Syllabi for State Schools are now available.


These new  curricula reflect the aims and philosophy of the recently published draft National Curriculum Framework (2011) which promotes the creation of inclusive learning communities and acknowledges the principle of the diversity of student learning needs.

The curriculum documentation consists of a handbook for the teaching of Geography and three curriculum units intended to be covered in Form 1 and another three to be covered in Form 2. Underlying the documentation is a clear curriculum framework through which students can progress, week by week and year by year in a seamless progression through all the years of schooling.

The new syllabi encourage teachers to ensure that every student has the maximum opportunity to learn. The units provide scaffolding to ensure that students are supported through appropriate teaching and learning approaches whatever their level. The new units are meant as a catalyst for teachers to develop their own ideas and to assist them to develop their teaching practices.

It is hoped that this curriculum documentation will serve as a practical tool that will continually motivate teachers to contribute towards the evolution of increasingly effective schooling practices and thus raise the level of educational attainment of all students.

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