Primary Years

Below you will find a rich variety of resources including worksheets, maps, presentations, images and diagrams, interactive games, newspaper resources etc., useful to arouse students’ motivation and engage them in active learning situations. Such an extensive range of resources enhances students’ learning experiences and are seen by many as a key attraction of the subject.

Malta Art Twelidna

A set of resources in Maltese designed to motivate and stimulate young students.  The wide variety of activities and exercises available challenge students’ thinking and deepen their geographic knowledge.


Unit Title
  Front cover
  It-Temp u l-Klima
1.1 Ir-Rapport Tat-Temp
1.2 Xi Sħana
1.3 Niftħu l-Umbrella
1.4 Riħ Isfel jew Riħ Fuq?
  Artna u Madwarna
2.1 Fejn Ninsabu?
2.2 Il-Ġirien Tagħna
2.3 Fejn noqogħdu
2.4 Saff fuq Saff
2.5 Arzell, rizzi, bebbux … fil-blat
  L-Użu tal-Art
3.1 Ħxejjex, frott, fjuri u bhejjem
3.2 Xogħol fil-Fabbriki
3.3 Minn post għall-iehor
  Il-Ħarsien tal-Ambjent
4.1 Fil-kwiet tal-kampanja, fil-kumdità tal-belt
4.2 Duħħan, storbju u skart
4.3 Nużaw il-bring in-sites

Wall Map of the Maltese Islands 

The Geography Section within the Curriculum Management and eLearning Department has just produced a large wall map (100cm x 70cm) of the Maltese Islands. This will  be distributed to schools during scholastic year (2012 2013). Each and every class will be supplied with such a map.   

This  new map is an excellent teaching tool and a stunning addition to any classroom wall. The map will enable students to display, record and analyse information about their local physical and human environment. Teachers are encouraged to make extensive use of this new resource in class since understanding and using maps involves the simultaneous use of a number of concepts and skills including aerial perspective, proportion, map language and arrangement. Students should be given the opportunity to develop their map literacy so that they can use the map to discover and interpret their country in a critical and informed way. The map displays all major towns and villages, the principal roads,  headlands and beaches as well as the altitude represented in five different colours.

Download a large version of this map from here.

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