Study of Coastal Processes from Delimara to Xrobb l-Għaġin

– a survey of coastal erosion, deposition and land use.

Students will be asked to observe the area and collect data on the following aspects:

  • geological formation of the area;
  • how geology influences coastal features;
  • processes of coastal erosion including abrasion,vhydraulic action, corrosion and attrition;
  • study of landforms such as cliffs, caves, arches, stacks, wave-cut platforms;
  • wave transport and the formation of beaches;
  • study of human interference and landuse along this stretch of coastline.

Download fieldwork worksheets  here.

Learn how to make a clinometer to measure the height of cliffs here.

Landuse Study of Melleiħa Valley

These worksheets will help students explore Għadira valley from the following aspects:

  • geological formation in relation to relief, soil and vegetation;
  • the natural vegetation, namely garigue and salt marshland;
  • land use including agriculture, fishing, tourist resorts, summer residial area, nature reserve, caravan site, afforestation projct;
  • conflicts that result from these various landuses.

Download worksheets related to this fieldwork here.

You can obtain additional information on the area from:

Foresta 2000

Għadira Nature Reseve

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