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The following is a list of exciting and engaging online resources to enliven geography lessons. Such sites and hyperlinks enable students to gain up to date information and access to a range of images, videos, data and above all interactive games and activities which can greatly enrich geographical understanding. By the use of such sites we can greatly enrich geographical understanding making lessons livelier and enjoyable thus enriching students’ motivation.

Unit 1  Map Detectives

Map Skills

Learn to understand maps including map symbols, compass skills, scale and grid references.

Grid References

These resources are about grid references and how to locate places on a map. They also cover basic Ordnance Survey symbols.

Magic Map

An interactive game involving the dragging of map symbols to the indicated grid reference. Use 6 figure grid references to put map symbols in right place.

Virtual compass

This is a great way of introducing the features and uses of a map compass to a larger group all together. Usually this can only be done in small groups because of how small the devices are. Virtual Compass solves this.

North, South, East and West

Understand direction using the four and eight compass points.


Find out direction on a world map and on other large scale maps.

Treasure Hunt

Try to find a buried treasure hidden on an island.

Finding your way

Bing Maps

Browse and search topographically shaded street maps for many cities worldwide as well as OS maps of the UK.

Map symbols

This resource pack contains whiteboard activities on maps, symbols and keys. It allows pupils to extend their geographical vocabulary and use maps and plans to interpret symbols and keys. Pupils will also consolidate their knowledge and understanding of letter and number grid references.

Map Symbols recognition activity

Map Symbols matching activity

Map Symbol Flashcards

Map symbol flashcards game from mapzone consisting of matching map symbols to the correct description.

Map Symbols crossword puzzle


Ordnance Survey Map Symbol game from BBC

OS Map symbols quiz—what-is-by-the-roadside

Map symbol Snap with Barnaby Bear

Unit 2  Exploring Malta (1)


A teaching tool which generates different maps of the UK, Europe and the world. It is best used on full-screen setting.

Interactive Games to locate continents and European countries.

The World has Fallen Apart

Find the Continents!

Map Splat!

Placing the countries of Europe in their proper position on a wall map. Three levels are available.

An Interactive game from Ordnance Survey

Identification of national flags and countries on a map of Europe.

Free World Maps

 The Europe Quiz

 The Europe Capital Quiz

 Europe Map Puzzle
Learn the countries of Europe and their capitals with this fun and educational puzzle game. How fast can you put all of the countries in the right places?

 Develop a mental map of Europe, its countries, capitals, and geography through these amazing games found on this site

 A number of interactive location games from Kbears

 Location Knowledge Games from Sheppards software

 Identify all European Countries through these simple yet effective games.

Learn the main Mediterranean countries and seas through the use of these interactive games

Generate and create your own maps with the following easy to use online mapping software. You can customise, share and print your own maps. 

Map maker interactive from National Geographic Education

Explore the world with map themes, data, and tools for customizing your map.


 Making Sedimentary Rocks

 How to make your own Fossils

The break up of Pangaea

Animation showing the history of the Sea of Tethys


 Virtual tour of Lascaux cave

Inside Postonja caves

Caves in Slovenia with 360º images


 Weather data and graphs including that of Malta

How scientists measure the weather from National Geographic Education

How to make your own wearther station

 Become a weather detective through this BBC site

Various games on weather instruments and the main elements of the weather  

How to make simple weather instruments

Measuring the Atmosphere

Unit 3  Exploring Malta (2)

NSO Website

Transport data for Malta

 Arriva Malta Website

 Monterey Bay Aquarium

Animations and still pictures explaining various fishing methods including aquaculture.

 Fish dishes Menu,4,0

 EU Fishing statistics

FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture website

 Fish finder

FAO fact sheets

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