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Global Education Week 2012

Teachers of geography are encouraged to participate actively in the Global Education Week activities which are going to be held between the 19th and the 23rd of November of this scholastic year. The theme chosen by the North South Centre for this scholastic year is ‘Moving towards One World!’ and as in previous year the co-ordinator of this project is Ms. Rita DeBattista (Head of Department- Geography).

More details and suggestions of activities that can be carried out can be found on the letter circular which can be downloaded from here.

Schools that are willing to participate in this cross-curricular project are to fill in the participation form which is available here.

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Preliminary report on Population Census

The Preliminary report on the population census has been released and can be downloaded by clicking here.

It shows that the Maltese population has doubled in the past 100 years, reaching 416,000 in 2011. The rate of growth is however declining.

The northern harbour area remains the most densely populated – home to 28.9% of the population. However, the northern area is seeing the fastest growth.

Birkirkara still has the largest population total with 21,533 residents and Mdina the smallest with 237 inhabitants.

Malta has an average of 1,562 people per square kilometre while Gozo has 454. Sengles (17,027 persons per square kilometre) is the most densely populated locality while Għasri  (85 persons per square kilometre) is the least densely populated.

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Language Issue

Until now the language policy regarding the teaching of geography general is still the prerogative of each individual school. It is therefore recommended that for this scholastic year teachers teaching the general classes discuss the language issue during their subject meeting to establish a language policy for their school.

It is imperative that after this decision has been taken teachers are to contact the Senior Management Team to indicate the number of annual papers needed in each language according to related Form and Track. Such details are to be provided to the SMT at your earliest as this information is required by the Educational Assessment Unit.