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New Wall Map of the Maltese Islands

The Geography Section within the Curriculum Management and eLearning Department has just produced a large wall map (100cm x 70cm) of the Maltese Islands which will be distributed to schools this scholastic year. Each and every class will be supplied with such a map. The map was designed by Mr John Barbara and Mr Conrad Fenech under the assistance and advice of the Geography Department.  

These new maps are an excellent teaching tool and a stunning addition to any classroom wall. The map will enable students to display, record and analyse information about their local physical and human environment. Teachers are encouraged to make extensive use of this new resource in class since understanding and using maps involves the simultaneous use of a number of concepts and skills including aerial perspective, proportion, map language and arrangement. Students should be given the opportunity to develop their map literacy so that they can use the map to discover and interpret their country in a critical and informed way. The map displays all major towns and villages as well as the principal roads. The physical content includes the main water courses and valleys, headlands and beaches as well as the altitude represented in five different colours. 


download a large copy of the map from here

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