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Environmental Studies Project 2013

The list of topics for the project to be submitted by students sitting for Environmental Studies has changed. Candidates may now choose any one of the following topics: 

Topic A The human impact on a stretch of coastline in the Maltese Islands
Topic B The use of Solar Energy by Maltese Households
Topic C An architectural legacy from the times of the Order of the Knights of St John in Malta
Topic D The Maltese way of life about two hundred years ago
Topic E An EU-funded project in Malta
Topic F Lifestyle of Maltese youth in the past and present


The project should consist of a report of approximately 1500 to 2000 words about the chosen topic. In their write up candidates are expected to develop the topic in their own words and to supplement their account with appropriate statistics, graphs and photos/sketches/diagrams (with appropriate captions). While candidates are encouraged to use the available literature and the Internet for their research, they are reminded that plagiarised work will be heavily penalised. This work shall carry a total mark of 30/200 or 15% of the global mark of the examination. 

This practical component shall be assessed by the schools during the candidates’ course of study. Projects are to be available at the candidates’ schools for moderation by the Markers’ Panel. Moderators sent by MATSEC have been advised to apply the following Marking Scheme during the moderation exercise.  

a)   Planning and the candidates’ initiative to work on their own;

b)   Development of the work indicating the candidates’ ability to face situations and people

      so as to be able to make observations and collect and assess information;

c)   Effort to ensure that the report is the result of personal work, observations and ideas;

d)   Ability to make use of information, surveys and statistics;

e)   Conclusion indicating ideas, observations and suggestions which the candidates make as  a result  of all that they observe and judge. 

Candidates may also be called for an interview to verify authenticity and to check for plagiarism.

 For further information teachers are strongly advised to consult the syllabus at:

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