Monthly Archive for September, 2011

Nature Walks at Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park

Guided nature walks are again this year being organised by Nature Trust at Il-Park tal-Majjistral limits of Mellieħa. Teachers of geography are encouraged to take students studying the subject to explore various geographical and environmental issues present in the area including geology, coastal geomorphology, rich biodiverdsity and adaptation of various Mediterranean species, agricultural practices etc.

Find information how to book a visit here.

Millions of homes destroyed by Pakistan floods

Torrential monsoon rains have pounded southern Pakistan, triggering serious flooding affecting more than five million people, among them communities still recovering from last year’s extraordinary floods. 


Thousands left homeless after the heavy rains causing extensive floods


 The southern Sindh province has been the worst affected by monsoon rains with the regional capital, Karachi, brought to a standstill by heavy downpours. The disaster has reportedly claimed the lives of 266 people, destroyed or damaged nearly one million houses, and flooded 4.5 million acres of land, prompting the Government of Pakistan to call for support from the United Nations.  Thousands of people are in urgent need of assistance due to lack of food and safe drinking water, as well as the loss of livelihoods and homes. The UN’s refugee agency says that the flooding is so bad that some areas will remain submerged for six months. 


With three times the normal amount of rain an extensive area of Pakistan is under water

 The impacts include:

  •       1.8 million people have left their homes and 750,000 are living in temporary sites
  •       Nearly 60,000 cattle had either died or disappeared
  •      400,000 homes have been completely destroyed
  •      4.5 million acres of land had been affected by the rain
  •      More than two million people in Pakistan are suffering from flood-related diseases including malaria and diarrhoea     
  •      More than 7,000 people are being treated for snake bites. 

Pakistan’s flood hit areas

 See video of the devastation

Energy: Let’s save it!

A family starts wasting energy carelessly and unknowingly, from the moment they wake up. Until they realize that something is going wrong. In 3 minutes 40 seconds, this cartoon shows both the bad and the good behaviour in energy consumption. It presents, in a cartoon style, simple and basic energy saving tips to save the planet and to save money, would it be at home, at work, or on the way to work

The video was produced by the EC Directorate-General for Energy and Transport Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. View video here.

Geography Matters!

Geography matters for it deals with the natural and human changes occurring around us. Geography matters for it deals with the present and helps us to prepare for the future.  Geography matters for it is important for quite a number of occupations but essential for the discerning tourist who really wants to make the most of his experiences abroad. Geography matters for it is about our world so Geography should retain its place in the curriculum without any cuts in lesson allocation.

Download this Microsoft PowePoint Presentation by David |Rayner on why Geography should be a compulsory component in the school curriculum. Download here.