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Rare Earthquake hits Eastern Coast of USA

Rare earthquake measuring 5.8 strikes US east coast

A 5.8-magnitude earthquake centred in Virginia has shaken much of Washington DC and was felt at New York City and as far away as Toronto in Canada

The US Geological Survey said the earthquake was 800 metres deep. Tremors were felt at the White House and all over the east coast as far south as Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Parts of the Pentagon, White House and Capitol were evacuated. But there were no reports of major damage or injuries.

Two nuclear reactors at the North Anna power plant in Virginia shut down after the plant lost power, but the company that runs them said there was no major damage. The reactors will remain shut until they can be safely restarted. At Reagan National airport, outside Washington, ceiling tiles fell during a few seconds of shaking. All flights were put on hold.

The east coast gets earthquakes, but they are usually smaller and the area is less prepared than California or Alaska.

Watch earthquake from CCTV camera

What caused the earthquake in Virginia 

Latest details from USGS

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